iTiS iBPS RPA suite is a core component of our OmniFlow iBPS. The suite comprises of Process Simulator, Robotic Agents, Robotic Control Center and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) that will enable you to identify, automate, test, and measure activities across processes. You can leverage cognitive capability of bots, achieved via machine learning and artificial intelligence to mimic human actions and deliver sound judgement across processes without manual intervention.

Our OmniFlow iBPS platform, offering RPA capability, enables you to drive continuous process improvement and catalyze your digital journey. You can release your business users from performing repetitive tasks and enable them to perform more constructive tasks. Further, you can streamline your overall processes and witness improved business performance in a cost-efficient manner.

Key Features

  • Process Simulator to measure, identify process bottlenecks. Get quantitative, time-based and cost-related information consumed during process execution
  • Executable Scripting to convert human actions into executable script and attach to the robot work-step
  • Business Activity Monitoring to generate a detailed log of robotic actions using dashboard in real-time
  • Robotic Control Center to deploy and manage all robots working across processes from a central location
  • Exception management to handle exceptions, arising from an unusual situation and ensure overall process does not get impacted

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Costs
  • Optimized resource utilization and reduction in required operational manpower results in lower costs. Further, reduction in idle time and wait time enables cost reduction
  • Higher Efficiency
  • With robotic agents’ businesses can operate 24×7 and reduce errors, resulting in better throughput. And, easily scale operation by multiple times
  • Increased Productivity
  • Automation of repetitive mundane tasks frees up knowledge workers and enables them to focus on high value and important tasks. This results in a happier workforce and better attention to business aspects and end customers
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce turnaround time and ensure consistent, responsive services to customers. Selectively automate mundane portions of processes and allow customer representatives to focus on customers’ needs
  • Better Monitoring
  • Central orchestration allows for better control over bots. With the robot control centre, generate extensive logs of all the robotic actions and ensure continuous monitoring