Records Management System

In your enterprise content lifecycle, effective archival and management of physical, electronic, e-mail and social records is highly critical. It not only enables you to comply with myriad external regulations, but also gives you better control over information- ensuring access to the right information at the right time.

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite offers a robust Records Management System that enables end-to-end management of your physical and electronic documents while retaining its integrity and authenticity. The system is DoD 5015.02-STD certified along with Victoria Electronic Record System (VERS) certification. It allows you to define and enforce records classification, retention and disposition as per your internal content management policies.

Records Management System Features:

  • Manage and track both physical and electronic records
  • Apply disposition policies for records and record folders
  • Integrate with other enterprise applications and simplify content sharing and collaboration
  • Establish access rights on file plan, records, request/return such as transfer requests & overdue items and administrative functions, enabling functional security for sharing and transferring records
  • Archive emails and related attachments
  • Manage vital records and apply multiple Legal Hold for preserving relevant information

Social Media Records Management Features:

  • Monitor social media pages of your company and view & reply to social messages
  • Analyze sentiment of posts and categorize as complaints, requests or other
  • Archive social records as per defined classification scheme and retention and disposition policies
  • View and search social media conversation threads
  • Leverage ready-to-use integration adapters for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Rule-based Content Archival and Retrieval Features:

  • Archive multiple content assets from SharePoint workgroup repositories and from other workgroups & business systems
  • Manage records with retention, storage and retrieval policies
  • Assign rights for secure search and retrieval of documents