ECM on Mobile

Newgen OmniDocs on mobile enables you to access business information anytime, anywhere. You can capture and sieve through huge volume of documents, stored in your organization’s ECM repository. It allows you to manage multiple versions of enterprise documents and keep a track of changes. Also, you can directly archive, retrieve, add and view folders in your ECM suite from your mobile.

Key Features

  • Easy Information Access – Bridge the gap between business operations and workforce. Enable easy access to documents amid information users
  • Add documents via mobile application and upload them into central ECM repository
  • Search documents with the help of data classes and search criterion stored in the repository
  • Create and access folders in the ECM repository through your mobile
  • Capture, archive and retrieve all types of document formats, coming from various sources
  • Share documents, stored in the ECM repository, on social media, email and other channels in a convenient manner

Key Benefits

  • Easy information access
  • Get easy access to organization’s ECM suite from your phone. Create and edit documents via mobile application
  • Shorten business processing cycle
  • Enable real-time document sharing and processing by accessing information on-the-go
  • Secure information access
  • Get complete security including access control, data encryption on device, and digital signatures
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Manage the operational costs associated with retrieval, transfer, and disposal of documents