OMNIDOCS and MFiles Document Management Software

Increasing digitalization has lead to an exponential growth in business content. And, managing this sea of data, often unstructured, is no mean task. Newgen OmniDocs and MFiles Document Management system is a one-stop solution for all your document management needs. It enables you to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of content.

Operating on the underlying Virtual Repository Services, OmniDocs and MFiles orchestrates multiple content repositories across your enterprise to leverage context-based content searches and views. Additionally, our integration adaptors and open standards help connecting multiple repositories and file systems.

  Virtual Content Repository

Scalable, unified repository
Orchestrate multiple content repositories across your enterprise to leverage content and deliver context-based content searches and views.


Customizable UI and functionalities
Customize search configurations to meet your business needs, based on the assigned user rights. Further, configure report creation and generation as per your business use case.


Extensive integration capabilities
Make a one-time investment and leverage OmniDocs across multiple business departments with it's out-of-the box application adaptors and support for various Industry Standards.

  Advanced Search

Comprehensive search capabilities
Access the right content at the right time with enterprise search capabilities including federation across multiple repositories, metadata search based on indexes & taxonomy, full text search and faceted navigation of search result.

  Archival & Retrieval

Rule-based content archival and retrieval
Archive multiple content assets from SharePoint workgroup repositories and from other workgroups & business systems. Effectively manage records with retention, storage and retrieval policies. Further, assign rights for secure search and retrieval.


In-built workflow capabilities
Ensure faster and accurate processing of documents right from origination to delivery with document-centric workflows such as Maker-Checker, Approval/ Rejection and others.

  Digital Asset Management

Rich media and website content management
Store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital assets such as images, audios and videos. These assets are dynamically tagged and archived in the repository to provide easy information access to internal/ external users.

  ECM on Mobile

On-the-go access to content
View, search, download, upload, email and delete documents through your mobile. Our platform intelligently optimizes audio/video content as per your mobile device, enhancing the overall user experience


  • Store and Access Content Anytime-Anywhere
  • Enjoy a well integrated content repository with intelligent library services for easy storage and access to content.
  • Get Content in Context
  • Search through millions of documents in seconds to get to the right content at the right time.
  • Manage Version Controls
  • Efficiently manage multiple versions of enterprise documents and track changes at different levels.
  • Manage Content Lifecycle
  • Streamline your enterprise content from its creation to disposition