OMNIXTRACT Data Extraction Software

More than ever, efficient management of huge volume of data is important for overall success of an organization. However, most of the critical business data is locked in either paper or electronic documents.

In this digital age, corporate leaders, like you, must ensure that your business users understand the right meaning held within a document, streamline data-driven processes, enhance operational efficiency and make well-informed decisions. Leverage OmniXtract, packaged with Newgen OmniFlow iBPS suite, that swiftly extracts critical data from documents of different layouts. It collects documents from input sources, makes them legible, extracts data with precision, and continuously improves extraction accuracy.


  • Document Ingestion
  • Ingest documents and images in multiple formats, from different content sources. Formats supported are PDF, Tiff, MS-word, MS-excel, RTF and Email. And, content sources include multi-functional printers, scanners, enterprise applications, & repositories
  • Document Pre-Processing
  • Improve quality of single page or multiple page scanned documents in real time with automatic detection, correction of image distortions
  • Data Definition
  • Leverage single definition studio with “No-code” interface for defining multiple document types with varying layouts
  • Auto-identification & Recognition Technologies
  • Support a wide array of advanced technologies for flawless data extraction
  • Multiple Data Formats Extraction
  • Extract complex data formats from documents of different layouts
  • Web-based Verification
  • Assist workers with automated interfaces for speedy extraction, verification of unrecognized and recognized data
  • Document Layout Learning
  • Enhance accuracy in data extraction by learning from processed documents
  • Document Extraction Analytics
  • Monitor extraction process and accuracy rates. Get visual indications to find data inaccuracy and make corrections accordingly


  • Smarter Decision Making
  • Enable smarter decision-making, driven with error-free data. Deliver personalized, enhanced customer experience
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
  • Get First Time Right with human assisted verification. Eliminate erroneous, duplicate and slow manual data entry with automated data extraction
  • Minimized Business Risks
  • Mitigate business risks with availability of real-time information through speedy and accurate data extraction and verification
  • Increased ROI
  • Avoid cost-intensive multiple data extraction utilities. Yield higher returns and bring down investment costs with a single extraction product