Our Business Rules Management System (BRMS) enables you to define critical business policies and procedures. The web-based tool allows you to easily define, control, change, and deploy business policies that govern critical business operations, thereby rendering agility and control to manage business operations.

BRMS eliminates the need to define or embed stagnant business rules or policies in a process. You can easily define rules and apply changes without any technical assistance.

Key Features

  • Create rules through logic statements and decision matrices, without coding
  • Enable run-time modifications in business rules
  • Allow version management of defined business rule sets
  • Use rules as web services for external applications
  • Facilitate definition of applicability, priority and expiry of rules
  • Standard JSR 94 API toolkit for easy integration

Key Benefits

  • Simplify Rule Creation
  • Empower users to create and manage business rules independently without any technical assistance
  • Make Run-Time Changes
  • Enable on-the-fly changes in business rules based on the market/ business needs
  • Gain Complete Control
  • Define applicability, priority, and expiry of business rules to ensure centralized control over all operations
  • Manage Complex Business Events
  • Leverage Complex Event Processing (CEP) to monitor critical business events and auto-trigger alerts and/ or best actions