Leverage our Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool to enable real-time monitoring of processes, relevant process artifacts and process participants’ deliverables. The personalized dashboards allow you to easily design reports, define KPIs and set alerts to proactively gauge upcoming threats or opportunities.

Key Features

  • 360 degree view of processes with comprehensive reports, dashboards and graphical charts
  • Detailed reports on cycle times, cost per transaction, geographic performance, resource utilization, and SLA adherence
  • Rules-based alerts for stakeholders at different levels, enabling faster bottleneck resolution
  • Execute active, on-demand and predictive analysis on the process data
  • Prescriptive analytics to detect frauds, evaluate credit risks and detect money laundering
  • Real-time process data analytics to control costs and optimize business processes
  • Content analytics to deliver right and relevant content for the task being performed

Key Benefits

  • Better Monitoring
  • Gain complete process visibility with comprehensive dashboards and reports
  • Reduced Errors
  • Ensure no slip ups with rule based automated notifications and alerts
  • Smarter Decision-Making
  • Make effective and quick decisions to benefit from significant business event
  • Detailed Risk Analysis
  • Detect frauds, evaluate credit risks, and money laundering